The Artwork in the film

ZABÉ ARTS in “Haunted

HAUNTED painting by Zabé Arts

Élisabeth Marette, a.k.a Zabé

Elisabeth Marette, a.k.a Zabé, is a French artist based in Los Angeles. She brought her talent to “Haunted” by way of a wonderful painting (see above) that she created specifically for this short film. Most of the artwork used to decorate the set is hers too.

Her inspiration

“My work is the result of many different sources of influence, some of which originated many years ago. In no particular order:  My incredibly talented Mom who filled my childhood with fabric pieces, colors, love for a job well done and appreciation for aesthetics ● The way light caresses objects and faces, changes colors and sets them aglow, plays with nuances, shadows and structures ●The delicacy and richness of faces, the profoundness of a look, the beauty of a smile ● The irresistible urge to transcribe a feeling, an emotion.”